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We are very excited to have been selected by the developer of Aria on the Bay to assist you throughout the Upgrade Process of your new apartment. As the developer-preferred designer and contractor, we will be able to offer extraordinary benefits, including:

  • Exclusive ability to start the Interior Upgrade of your apartment before closing. As the ONLY firm allowed to work in the building before closing, we can start the Upgrade Process of your apartment right away. Your apartment could be 100% move-in ready by the time you close. This translates into substantial monetary and time savings.
  • Peace of mind and a faster execution of your project. As the developer-preferred contractor, it is in our best interest to guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Also, having the ability to start work pre-closing saves you the time and work of hiring contractors, receiving City Permit and Condo Association approval.
  • Convenient access to our showroom. Located right across from the Aria on the Bay sales center and just a few blocks from the building. All Upgrade Options and materials will be on display at our showroom.

We have created four (4) exclusive collections for Aria on the Bay. The Collections start from the simplest (ideal for investors) to the most elaborate with spectacular upgrades.

Our prices start from as low as $26,000* for a full buildout including permits, interior and exterior flooring, baseboards, painting, closets, window treatment, and lighting. As a general guide to give an approximate idea on pricing, the pricing for each collection is as follows:

The Hip Collection: Aprox. $28 per square foot**

The Bayshore Collection: Aprox. $32 per square foot**

The Vogue Collection: Aprox. $52 per square foot**

The Artisan Collection: Aprox. $65 per square foot**

* price based on a hip collection for and M-04 Podium unit
** to calculate the approximate total price of your project, multiply the total Square Footage (interior + balcony), as per the floorplans in the Aria on the Bay website, times the above-mentioned number.

Once you have selected your preferred collection(s) let us know and we will send you a detailed estimate together with our discount structure. The sooner you hire us the bigger the discount!

Download the PDF file with this information

English version
Versión en español


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