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Dominique Bonet´s deign experience is truly cosmopolitan. Growing up between France and Venezuela, Bonet was taken under the wing of Voguephotographer Franco Rubartelli before going on to co-found Grupo 35 with her husband Salvador. In just a few years, the production company boasted clients such as Visa, Pepsico and Gap, winning numerous international awards. In 2008, Bonet decided to take on a new challenge, founding Lineaire Designs, a company offering full-service design and custom construction at affordable prices.

Domique Bonet

“My vision was to leverage all the experience I had accumulated during 20 years working as an art director and set designer to penetrate the high-end interior design market”, she says. And she has succeeded brilliantly, crafting beautiful and functional environments for more than 150 upscale project around the world.

Design philosophy: “Work, work and more work. I´m always searching for what talented people are doing around the world. As Picasso said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”.

Essential must-have: “Every home is different, but what I use in all of them is a dimmer. It might be the simplest features, but it has the power to transforms any room.”

Trend predictions: “Because the world is more connected every day with so many different cultures being mixed together, the tendency in design will keep being eclectic.

1. This wall has been covered with concrete slabs to enhance the look of its strength and offer contrast with the floating white stairs. 2. Lineaire Designs offers fully integrated services, from construction to furniture, as seen in this space. 3. This bright design was created for a young girl who requested something both colorful and sophisticated. 4. Lineaire completely made over a dated apartment into this sleek, modern space. 5. All the elements of this space, from the Bahamian shutters to the natural weave on the bed, were chosen to create the feeling of island retreat.