Downtown Miami plan would make Biscayne green for pedestrians, slower for cars

Posted on 16 Mar 2015 in Miami What's New | 0 comments

Miami’s leading urban planners have decided that the best way to deal with the gridlocked traffic downtown is to get people out of their cars in favor of walking, and that’s the point of a plan to overhaul Biscayne Boulevard.

The Downtown Development Authority’s Biscayne Green plan would narrow the road from four lanes to two lanes from Southeast Second Street to American Airlines Arena and eliminate the parking spaces in the middle of the street in favor of creating pedestrian walkways and a tree-lined park. See the video posted by Behar-Font & Partners P.A. for a view of their plans.

DDA Deputy Director Javier Betancourtcalled it a “road diet.” The only way downtown Miami can accommodate more growth is to give people an alternative to driving, he said. Biscayne Green would make it much easier for people to cross the street and access the bay.

Our objective can’t be getting cars through downtown as easily and quickly as possible,” Betancourt said. “The idea is to create a downtown that’s great for pedestrians and if that comes at the expense of the car, then so be it.”

Biscayne Green is part of the push to discourage people from driving in downtown Miami, a concept that may sound crazy to South Florida’s entrenched car culture.

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