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stairsIf you’ve spent much time in or around the Miami real estate market of late, chances are you’ll have bumped into, or come across the work of, Dominique and Alejandro Bonet, mother-and-son team with complementary talents whose wide-ranging company has attracted the attention of Miami-based celebrities.

ArjonaDominique arrived in Miami via Egypt, Paris, and Venezuela, where her background in set design stood her in good stead to set up Lineaire Designs. Lineaire is, “dedicated to crafting beautiful and functional environments for the upscale residential and commercial markets,” — a tagline which, perhaps appropriately, does not try to go into the specifics of what the company does, because there is little that they don’t do. “We do almost everything!” Dominique said. “Renderings, proposals, construction, furnishings…”

That’s right; Lineaire will design and build both your property and its interior. “Perhaps that’s what makes us unique,” Alejandro added. “We do construction, design, and furniture. You don’t have to speak with anyone but us.” Dominique agreed: “It’s also very satisfying to be able to build your own designs.”

Sta-MariaThe family firm takes on projects from an affordable $50,000 to a rather more exclusive $1.5 million, and there’s no detail that does not escape their eye. “My mother was an award winning set designer, so she is very used to doing a wide variety of design styles for different people,” Alejandro explained. “We offer a basic package of details, such as flooring, windows, and lighting, but we also offer bespoke deals that can include furniture and wall fittings. No detail is too small for us. Or rather, for Dominique!” Is that true? And does the son have any advice he offers clients? “Don’t try to do it yourself!” Alejandro joined in the laughter. “Cutting corners doesn’t work; we’ll do everything for you!”

Not bad for a company that has been involved in a couple hundred projects over the past few years, involving commercial, residential, and hospitality projects in addition to avast portfolio of residential work, including the title of exclusive contractor for The Melo Group’s Bay House project. What sort of style does Lineaire specialize in?

Morning“Lineaire has a linear style!” laughed Dominique. “Our name reflects our style: it’s clean, contemporary, and minimalist, a modern, linear style reflecting the typical Miami aesthetic. Right now, concrete and wood, lacquer, and recessed lighting are en vogue. You need to know the client, spend time with them, and see what they like, before making a proposal.” They certainly know how to keep the customer satisfied. “Our job is to make customers’ dreams come true,” said Alejandro. This includes keeping an eye out for careless mistakes. “We will make sure little mistakes never make it to the finished project – .e.g. misaligned sockets, finishes on baseboards and grout, angles on tiling — it’s these little things that add up.”

“Lineaire also works with a number of high-profile clients. Celebrities, “want something very custom, which helps us with our branding,” said Alejandro, ever the businessman. “We worked with [baseball star] Manny Ramirez, and we did the office of the record label of [superstar Latino singer] Ricardo Arjona. (We added the brackets for those of you not so accustomed to mingling with Miami royalty.) “We are a design firm with a strong construction branch.” We’d argue they’re on it all.

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