Taller towers, faster approvals coming soon for downtown Miami

Posted on 22 Jul 2015 in Miami What's New | 0 comments

It could soon become easier to build taller towers in downtown Miami thanks to new collaboration between Dade’s aviation department and the FAA.

Documents obtained by TNM reveal that the two agencies are now working together to update and unify flight rules and height restrictions in the area. Officials say that the effort will eliminate confusion about building heights, while streamlining the approval process.

As part of the updated rules, a portion of downtown Miami (including Brickell) will see an increased height limit of 1,049 feet above sea level. This area was previously limited to 1,010 feet. Swire Properties has already received approval to build One Brickell City Centre at 1,049 feet under the new rules.

Approval could also become faster and less confusing. The FAA now routinely issues ‘Notice of Presumed Hazard’ letters for many towers proposed in downtown, even though most are eventually approved. That is due to a disparity between MIA’s height zoning ordinance and the FAA’s Obstruction Evaluation Group reviews, which officials hope to resolve.


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